Zoe and Francis

"A lovely little gem of a film, beautifully shot and perfectly cast ... I can't remember the last time I screened a similarly low-budget film that pulled all the pieces together so well."
-Mary Glucksman, Filmmaker Magazine

"A pure pleasure to watch ... splendidly natural performances."
-Ronnie Scheib, VARIETY

"Arranged is that rare thing - a low-budget, mainstream American independent film that sets realistic dramatic goals and attains them with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of charm.
-Bruce Bennet, The New York Sun

"A sterling example of the low-budget Amerindie film."
-Mark Jenkins, Washington CityPaper

CRITIC'S PICK: "[A] surprisingly winning indie drama ... the understated, natural performances by leads Zoe Lister-Jones and Francis Benhamou lend the film a sense of intimacy that serves it well."
-New York Magazine

"A sweet-spirited delight." **** (4 out of 5 stars)
-Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

"Lovely ... Schaefer and Crespo have achieved a unique authenticity with this film, both in its religious underpinnings and its American-ness."
-Nora Ankrum, Austin Chronicle

"A feel-good holiday story ... Arranged surprises with some fine naturalistic performances and a sweet feel for close-knit Brooklyn neighborhood life."
-Michael Joshua Rowin, IndieWire

"Well cast and particularly worthy."
-Harvey Karten, CompuServe, NY Film Critics Online

"A wonderful film."
-Alan Chartock, Northeast Public Radio, The Berkshire Eagle

"This is a beautiful little independent film with some really wonderful messages tucked into a tale of friendship, loyalty, duty, and tradition - 3.5"

"...The simple sweetness of this heartfelt effort arrives as both endearing and culturally provocative ... the film emerges with unique sincerity, as both women navigate their distinct religions' dating practices ... the intimate performances - particularly the delicate Lister-Jones - sweetly funny moments, and distinct narrative make for an insightful ... viewing experience."
-Toddy Burton, Austin Chronicle

"By far the best film of the festival, Arranged offers a touching and often hilarious look at two women, one an Orthodox Jew and one a Muslim, as they befriend one another while dealing with arranged marriages. Rochel (Zoe Lister-Jones) and Nasiria (Francis Benhamou) should be recognized as two of the best female characters and performances in recent years. Lister-Jones and Benhamou are amazingly talented actresses and deserve an enduring and fruitful career. 'Arranged' is a must-see in this globalized world, and hopefully its post-South by Southwest life will enable countless more people to enjoy the film."
-Alex Navissi, The Daily Texan

"A wonderful little comedy ... the performances are so natural, the story so grounded in character, that a casual viewer could mistake it for a documentary."
-Phillip Martin, Arkansas Democrat Gazette